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Nation Europe

It was half a millennium ago that the Europeans set out to conquer the world by replacing, bit by bit, religious superstition by scientific progress, by industrializing their countries and building mighty fleets to push forward into still unknown regions of the world. Thanks to their technology and eagerness to discover they were soon superior to the other civilizations from which they didn’t differ much until that time and began to remodel the world in accordance with their interests. Serious threats only could come from other European states. They didn’t rest on their laurels to permit that others caught up with them or even overtook them but remained, thanks to continuous progress, the rulers of the world.

So they discovered, from the end of the fifteenth century, first America, above all the British, Spanish and Portuguese conquered and colonized both North and South America. Little by little the English, French, Belgians and others set out to reconnoitre Africa and to make use of its raw materials that were until that time unused below ground, to develop the own industries. India was under British control, French and British shared control over the Near and Middle East amongst themselves, Australia was a British colony… .

Until the evil of small states nationalism brought the two civil/ world wars upon Europe which deprived them all of their supremacy and lowered them to the level of powers of second order. Instead of feeling as Europeans they permitted that they were incited against each other and finally tore themselves to pieces, that they became weak and in future had to submit to the dictate of other powers – powers of the size of whole continents. With the takeover by the parliamentary politicians and their disputes also vanished the will to be great power to be able to assert oneself internationally – instead of that it’s the money that is to the fore now. Incapable of realizing those changes in world history and to react by uniting Europe to become the Nation Europe they clung to the reminiscences of the glorious past lost irretrievably – so for example that of the British Empire or symbolically by maintaining the monarchies.

So it were soon the US, the Soviet Union/ Russia and in the future also China, India and Brazil (the so-called BRIC-states) that lead world history and took over the leading role of the now downgraded European national states or will do it in the future. So these posses much largers territories than those of the European small states, much more population (let’s only think at China with 1,3 billions and also India), higher economic growth (China sometimes up to 10%), some have huge resources of energy (above all Russia with the most natural gas resources in the world) and nuclear weapons (above all the US with 7.700 nuclear warheads and Russia with 8.500).

Today decadent Europe, seeking for money and pleasure, is a party to surrounding Russia to create a US-american zone of influence in eastern Europe, at the end of what the whole of Eastern Europe will be integrated in US-dominated NATO. So the European politicians, acting as obedient vassals of US-interests, have caused a new cold war in Europe.

Besides, Europe looked on as the Americans brought down secular regimes in the Near and Middle East to install own puppets or as they weakened such regimes causing a chaos as the radical islamists got the upper hand and now destabilize the whole region at the southern and south-eastern flank of Europe.

Another example of the decadent attitude of some Europeans is that one of the European peoples has permitted the US to make them celebrate the own defeat and occupation in the war – the so-called „D-day“ on the 6th of June, the landing of the US-Americans and their allies in the Normandy what meant the beginning of the end of the German Reich.

And finally, Europe permits that globalization and capitalism split it into poor and rich regions (that means: small states), into poor and rich people within these respective societies.

But still remains time to react to this decline and to replace this money and pleasure seeking European society, that let make vassals of itself by the money of the American masters, by a society in which counts European national pride (the nation is Europe) and the will to assert oneself over foreign dominance.

If the Europeans want to end their decline and rise again to be great power, it’s necessary to unite Europe as a state, as the Nation Europe. Only such a great nation is adequate for the developments of the time and can oppose, in alliance with Russia, the global supremacy of the US. It goes without saying that this Nation Europe would leave the US-dominated NATO as it would have its own strong all-European army armed with its own nuclear weapons. Unified the Europeans also could oppose more effectively the islamistic-terroist danger and achieve their regional and global international interests.

The European Nation can stop the globalization, that splits the society and the states in poor and rich ones, by European protectionism already at its frontier, as it would be, allied with the energy-superpower Russia, economically autarkic and would not have to fear any sanctions of foreign powers. That means that the own products would be subsidized on the world market and on incoming products would have to be paid duty. So, European employees could be paid higher wages and boost the internal demand, maintaining, at the same time, the international competitiveness of the own products. It goes without saying that the strategically important sectors of the economy will completely be passed into the hands of the state, as for example the sectors of energy and of armament, so that no foreign powers would get unwanted influence there. And to prevent big business from exerting too much influence on politics, there should be carried out nationalizations also here.

Condition of such a rise of the Nation Europe is, however, the political struggle inside Europe to create a national-European revolutionary party which could be the vanguard of the European society, as it would be disciplined, hierarchical and militant and chase away and replace the weakly, chattering parliamentary politicians. These and all the policy-blocking mechanisms and institutions which threaten to lead to mutual blocking of the institutions, as anyone has to be integrated in the process of decision-making – all of these would be replaced in the European Nation by a mighty president at the head of the party and the state so that Europe could pursue a clear strategy and quickly reach determined decisions instead of horse-trading, endless discussions and decisions that are reduced to the smallest common denominator. Only the creation of such a nation would lead Europe to new glory and greatness.

“Europe has everything to be the FIRST nation in the world; it only lacks political unity!” (my own translation from the French original text: Jean Thiriart: Un Empire de quatre cents millions d’hommes, l’Europe, Paris 1964, p. 21)

Let’s create a Europa fortis unitate – a strong and unitarian Europe!

"The nation-state, wishing to be independent, is compelled to have adequate military means. Possessing these means depends on demography, autarchy of raw materials, and the industrial power of the state. Between Iceland and Vladivostok we can unite 800 million people [...] and yet find in the Siberian soil all that is needed to satisfy energetic and strategic requirements. [...] A great union of highly industrialized and technologically leading Western Europe with Siberian Europe, disposing of almost inexhaustible commodity reserves, will allow the creation of a most powerful republican Empire, with which nobody will but come to an agreement." (Jean Thiriart: Europe as far as Vladivostok)

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